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...joined forces to create...

...joined forces to create...

All Amazon FBA Sellers
All Amazon FBA Sellers
You've made the right decision by joining "The Premier Resource" for FBA Sellers around the world. Entourage Masters™ in cooperation with Quick Fast Hurry™ Insiders Roundtable world-class training is now open for new members.

Benefits Of Membership

  • Live Monthly Members Only Roundtables:                              Get an inside look every month at what's working NOW for Amazon FBA top sellers around the world with step by step instructions and how to apply it your business. Join us each month for a LIVE group webinar so you can stay ahead of your competition 
  • Membership Area Access:                                                          See all the secret strategies that we and other top sellers have used to gain a massive competitive advantage over other sellers and make unreasonable amounts of profits
  • Live Coaching Call With PPC Entourage:                          Spend 30 minutes one on one with Mike Zagare and gain insight about sponsored ads customized for your products
  • Live Coaching Call With Quick Fast Hurry:                                    Access to a private coaching call with the co-founder of Quick Fast Hurry,  Seth Stevens, for a deep dive into your FBA business and personalized strategies to help you reach your goals in your business

Fast Action Bonuses

  • FREE Spotlight Access & Training:                                              Get free access to PPC Entourage Spotlight for 6 months along with exclusive training for Masters members only
  • FREE Margins Training & Access:                                                Get free access for 6 months to Entourage Margins along with exclusive training for Masters members only
  • FREE Amazon Listing Evaluation:                                                 We will audit one Amazon listing and give you feedback based on over 1000 successful launches
  • What's Working Now:                                                                 Access to our exclusive posts showing what's currently working with shared results
  • How Much Is This:                                                              Membership is $997 one time set up fee and then $297 per month for as long as your membership remains active. You can cancel at any time for any reason
*Join Now For 50% Off The $2000 Setup Fee!
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What others are saying about Quick Fast Hurry

Very Focused, No-Nonsense

This is a very focused, no-nonsense and helpful group. You won't see a lot of beginner questions or complainers or people asking for review help. Their monthly mastermind calls run up and over 3+hours packed with great content you can use right away to grow your business. They will answer your questions but they will also teach you important strategies and new Amazon and general business developments to grow a real business. I joined because I wasn't getting the higher level answers in the multiple other amazon groups and programs I had joined, I am not disappointed. The tips and resource contacts I've gained have already been more than worth the cost of being a member and is saving me a few K already - Terri

I've Been A Member 3 Years

Brilliant content every month. I've been a member for almost 3 years and it's still super helpful to be learning directly from Shawn and Seth's Amazon business. There are plenty of seriously experienced sellers in the QFH group who are always generous with their time and ideas. Definitely the best Mastermind group I've found. - Mark

Absolutely The Best

I've been a part of many "masterminds", and I have to admit that the sense of community that we've found with this program has been instrumental in the ongoing success of our FBA business. In fact, QFH has save my *ss on two separate occasions when I was ready to quit and throw in the towel. My partner and I highly recommend Quick Fast Hurry for any seller looking to multiply what you already have. - Lori and Steve

Original Founding Member

I started my journey with QFH many years ago. I was one of the original founding members of 10, yes 10, people. I came to QFH lost. I lacked clarity on what I needed to do in my business. Even though I paid for and went through all of the hyped up courses, I still felt lost. I didn't know how to pick good products. I didn't know how to launch and rank them. I didn't know how to run PPC. I needed structure. I needed to know what I should be focusing on, on a daily basis. Where is my time best spent?! QFH gave me that clarity. I now own 3 "Amazon" businesses, one of which we're prepping for sale. I no longer pay for all of the other courses. I no longer waste my time attending webinars by other people, who's primary purpose is to tease you and get you to buy their course. I run 10 business right now, so I'm VERY selective where and with whom I'm spend my time. If I were to recommend ONE place to spend your money to get the education you need, it's with QFH. Their Island Mastermind is one of the only events I attend, and I've been to all of them. Having the privilege of getting to know Shawn and Seth, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that they really care to see you succeed. Which, in this business, is HIGHLY rare, and I've been a paid member of just about all of the courses out there. QFH is the ONLY one that I remain loyal to, because they are loyal to me, and provide with more than enough knowledge that I could ever implement. - Alex